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Can you offer multi-user subscriptions for my school, college, university or corporation?

A personal membership only allows a single person to access the course(s) purchased, but a corporate/educational subscription allows multiple simultaneous log-ins with the same username/password.
You could, for example, empower your entire organization with unrestricted access to one or more online courses.
Corporate subscriptions are priced per video view.
A course typically consists of around 250 videos. You can purchase 5,000 video views for $99.99 that will enable 20 students/employees to work through an entire course for less than $5 per student/employee (views will be available for a 12-month period from the purchase date).
If you’d like to purchase a corporate membership complete the form below and we’ll send you an invoice and activate your account upon receipt of payment.
Company/School Name:
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Number of blocks of 5,000 views:
(1 = 5,000 views, 2 = 10,000 views etc)
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Billing Currency
Each block is priced at $99.99 USD

I have read and accept the multi-user membership terms and conditions

(we’ll usually get back to you within 24 hours)